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"$0 / hour"
posted January 14, 2007 @9:54p
I saw a funny man tonight. Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby is one of the most talented entertainers that has ever walked the earth. I have never seen anyone as comfortable on stage as he is.

After the show, I decided to wait around to see if I could somehow meet Mr. Cosby, or at least get a good story in the attempt. As I was waiting to try and meet the famous brother of Russell, I ran into a couple old friends from my last workplace. In the middle of catching up, this big dude walked up, dressed in a suit and sporting an earpiece, and asked, "are you waiting for someone?"

I answered, "how come? You gonna kick us out now?"

Then he kicked us out.

Afterward, my friend joked, "that guy walked up, looking all important... and we just did what he said." And he was right - no matter where we are, if somebody who is dressed nicely approaches us and speaks with authority, we just do what he or she says. I initially resist whatever is demanded; but now I realize that I ultimately comply.

That's no fun.

Maybe next time I'll provide some harsher resistance to see if I can get a good story. In the face of opposition and difficult or scary situations, my motto has always been this: if after it's all been said and done... if I still have all my limbs, and I can still see and hear and everything... if it's gonna make a good story, bring it on.

Speaking of stories - why haven't I gone to LA or NYC lately? And when's that album coming?

Well... last year I started to make some plans and lay out a timeline for the album release. Shortly after, I had some major changes of circumstance and a complete loss of guaranteed income. That financial shortage, coupled with months of congestion and sinus infections, created a good climate to stifle any progression on the album. And even though I did drive to NYC a couple months ago, traveling is difficult when you can't perform and have no income.

At this time, I'd like to take a moment to thank the person that sent me to see Bill Cosby for free. Thank you, it was awesome.

The good news is that the congestion is almost gone, and that opens up my time for recording. I still have no date set for release, but it's definitely coming. And although all the uncertainty about the future can be a touch worrisome sometimes, the excitement about the good possibilities far outweighs the scary stuff. It's a pretty wild time right now.

Bring it on.


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