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"A Visit To Dells' Den"
posted March 1, 2007 @3:22a
Sometimes, when I need some entertainment, I make a phone call.

In Valley, Alabama, there's a service for local businesses called "ad talk." A business makes a recording about whatever it offers so that potential patrons can find out more information; then that business advertises a unique ad talk phone number to access the recording, and that number is available anytime.

When I need entertainment, I call the ad talk line for Dell's Den.

I've always said that I like Morgan Freeman's speaking voice so much that I could sit and listen to him talk about anything in the world and I'd enjoy it. Well that's what Dell does when he makes his ad talk recording: he talks about anything and everything.

Anything and everything except his business.

For instance, I have no idea what kind of food he serves, but I know from his recording that he's currently in rehab for an injury.

...I'm not going to advertise the number without Dell's permission, but a quick search should bring up the number if you're curious...

Well last week I traveled to Biloxi, and I just so happened to be passing through Valley, Alabama, the home of Dell's Den.

By the way, I discovered something interesting about myself today: I love being around short people. Wait... I should re-phrase: I love being around people shorter than I am. I was on the elevator today with three other people, and I was at least a head taller than every single one of them. And at 5'9", that's pretty rare. I felt like some amazing giant man that needed special tall-person pants and stuff. It was cool.

Anyway, since I was going to Biloxi, and I was passing the very source of one of my favorite entertainment pastimes, I knew I had to stop.

I exited the freeway around 9pm. I had some directions that I had gotten online, but they were absolutely worthless, especially in the dark. My friend was driving, and I convinced him that I wasn't going to be able to leave the town of Valley without having found Dell's Den.

So we explored.

Eventually, we found the road on which Dell's Den was supposed to be located. But it didn't make sense - this road was in the middle of a residential area.

But we took the chance and turned on the road anyway. And I had the right address.

Dell's Den is a cinderblock building in the not-so-well-lit backyard of some dude's house.

It was more than a little off-putting, so we drove out of his yard, and back to get some advice from the service desk of a hotel near the interstate. My friend asked the lady behind the counter, "so we heard Dell's Den is a good place to get some food. Is it good? Should we check it out?"

Her answer: "do you have any weapons?"

Maybe someday I'll try again, during daylight hours.


You may need to take a chain with you. If you ever decide to go back to Dells that is. I would like to go too! sounds like a very familly friendly place! I bet they have good sweet tea and crack!

posted by Stephen on 3/1/2007 @9:15:58 AM

Mmm... crack tea... Before, I didn't like crack tea.

posted by Jason Wells on 3/1/2007 @3:31:36 PM
so... how did you make it out alive?/

posted by Heather on 3/7/2007 @6:18:45 PM

I guess by avoiding the situation altogether. I wish I'd been a bit more brave. Weapons shouldn't scare me so much.

posted by Jason Wells on 3/10/2007 @3:54:04 AM
Found myself reading your website today after looking up info on "Dell's Den"! I laughed so hard reading the comments about your doctor and therapist visits! Gonna take a listen to your music as well today. Take care, and nice to "find you"!! lol....

posted by Staci on 4/12/2007 @12:22:47 PM

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed! And if you decided to visit, be careful at The Den...

posted by Jason Wells on 4/12/2007 @3:49:06 PM
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