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"Blueberry Fields Forever"
posted July 7, 2014 @10:33p
It's May. Everywhere I look, Spring is in full bloom.

And so are our blueberries.

Last Summer, we purchased a u-pick blueberry farm in the country, about an hour's drive from our house. When it comes to farming, my wife and I are exactly as knowledgeable as our 22-month-old-daughter: we know absolutely nothing. So in November - assuming that proximity would be a good thing - we decided to move closer to the farm.

This five-acre farm is nestled in a patch of woodland (about 23 acres), bordered on the longest side by about 4000 acres of protected natural forest.

So... step one: buy a chainsaw.

Step two? I have no idea.

Here are a few things I've learned so far this Spring:

1) Flip flops and farms are a volatile mix.
2) Snakes can be out at dusk (I thought they only came out to grab some sun).
3) Never try to break a fallen tree by hopping on it (OUCH).
4) Shorts and farms are a volatile mix.
5) I'm 100% terrified of ticks.
6) Owls do not wear reading glasses.
7) Long hair and farms are a volatile mix.
8) Skunks have no fear.
9) Two-year-olds and farms are a volatile mix.

We're getting three bees hives at the end of this month. Yes, real, live actual bees.

Everything I know about honey bees I learned from Winnie the Pooh and "The Bee Movie" with Jerry Seinfeld.

The adventure has begun.


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