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"If You Have A Sign, It Should Be Fine"
posted January 18, 2007 @12:31a
So I was driving along the freeway this morning, minding my own business. Suddenly, I noticed something strange in the distance, floating about 15 feet above the road. As I got closer, it changed directions and headed straight down, directly towards my windshield. I freaked out, swerved, and missed it. Don't be alarmed though - I didn't pass away. It just gave me a shot of adrenaline and got me a little worked up.

But just as I began to calm down, my eyes focused on some words printed on the back of the big truck in front of me: "Not Responsible For Broken Windshields." Interesting. Since this guy has printed a sign on the back of his truck, he can roll his window down and throw an unopened can of Sprite at my car with no consequences.


But he's not the only one doing it. Apparently, if you're transporting something that's super huge and way too large to be safely balanced on your trailer, just slap a "Wide Load" sign on it and it's all good. No problems. I think the state motto is "if you have a sign, it should be fine."

Tomorrow, I'm going to post a sign on the back of my car that says, "I'm Driving Over The Speed Limit Today. Not Responsible For Any Speeding Tickets." We'll see how that works out for me.

I stopped by my veterinarian today to sign something that grants permission to share my dog's records with other companies. A couple days ago I had ordered some medication over the internet because it was almost 30 bucks cheaper, and that company needed a written prescription to prove my dog actually needed the medicine. I guess there's a highly profitable, underground street market for prescribed dog meds.

Dog prescriptions. What a scam.

Anyway... after I waited in line for 30 minutes, I told the doc my story and she wrote the prescription.

"That'll be 10 dollars," she said.

Frowning and looking puzzled I asked, "10 dollars? For what?"

She answered, "there's a 10-dollar prescription fee."

I've been to this vet many-a-time, and they've taken many-a-dollar from me. I've had no complaints, as I've had a very healthy dog. But $10 for a black-and-white piece of paper with words on it? No, that's not for me.

The office manager is supposed to call me back tomorrow to discuss. We'll see how that works out for me.

If it works out the way I suspect it will, next time I go in there, I'll be wearing a shirt that reads, "Not Responsible For Peeing Over There In The Corner After I Give You $10 For A Worthless Piece Of Paper."

Yeah, that should cover it.


man first of all What is it with you and pee?!?!?!?! second i dont think i have ever took my dog to a vet just to get a prescription. when my dogs get sick i just shoot them... Well depending on how sick they are i just beat them with a chain.

posted by Stephen on 1/18/2007 @8:52:20 AM

man you can work a logging chain better than just about anybody. except your uncle.

posted by Jason Wells on 1/22/2007 @11:23:57 AM
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