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"About My Gang Days..."
posted February 8, 2007 @4:34a
I haven't mentioned it before, but I was a member of a gang in LA.

I haven't gotten to travel in months, but I try to get to Los Angeles at least a couple times per year. It's not nearly as cool as NYC, but people think I'm famous in Hollywood, and that's just fun for me.

While I'm there, on the nights that I'm not looking for a place to perform, I like to walk all over Sunset Blvd and see what happens. I've seen some interesting things, some shocking things, and some things I don't wanna even think about. Usually, there is no shortage of material for a good story on the Strip.

So you know when you're walking somewhere, you make a turn, and you accidently merge paths with a stranger? And you know how it's uncomfortable and awkward, so you either slow down or speed your pace, so that you don't have to walk right beside this person that you don't know?

Well I don't do that.

It's funnier for me to try to keep the exact same pace as that stranger that I merged with, just to see how they react. So I'll end up walking with couples, old people, families. It's just funny.

So I was walking east on Sunset one Saturday night around 2am. Ahead, I saw a group of people crossing the street, making their way to the side I was walking on. They were all male teenagers, they were dressed similarly, and they wore the same colors. With those characterics, coupled with the fact that I was in LA in the middle of the night, I assumed that there was a good possibility that these guys may be in some sort of gang. And from the way they were crossing the street, it looked like they were about to head east, the same direction I was walking.

I could tell there was about to be a merge. This could be funny.

Within 30 seconds, I was completely surrounded by the guys, and we were all walking in the same direction. I stuck out like a sore thumb, but I wasn't about to change pace. They slowed down, I slowed down. They walked faster, and I kept up.

It wasn't until I had walked with them for 10 minutes that one of them took notice and spoke up. From behind me, I heard, "heeeey! We got a new homie!"

I figured he was talking about me, so I turned around, pointed and said, "hey heeeeeey! What's goin ooon?"

Well I ended up hanging out with those guys for the better part of an hour. We talked and walked all over that strip. And when it came time for me to head back to the hotel, the leader of the pack left me with some kind words. He said, "you don't have to worry about anything tonight. Ain't nobody gonna mess with you, we got your back."

...I replaced a harsh word or two when I just quoted the leader. But you get the idea...

I thanked him, and told everybody I'd see them later. I had hung with them, and I was under their protection. I considered myself one of them.

So I was a member of a gang. In LA. For about 45 minutes.


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