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"I've Been Hungrier"
posted March 22, 2007 @9:20p
I've been all over Alabama this week, and yesterday I stopped for some delicious barbeque at a Whitt's in central Alabama. It was served with an interesting vinegar sauce I'd never had before. It was really good.

As I sat in the parking lot eating (it wasn't a dine-in restaurant), a big truck stopped in the turning lane on the highway just in front of the Whitt's. But instead of turning in the parking lot, he got out of his truck.

He got out of his truck, crossed the two lanes on foot - leaving his vehicle running on a major freeway - and walked into Whitt's BBQ. He stood in line, placed his order, and waited. He received his order, walked back out into the middle of the highway, got in his already-running truck, and drove away.

It made me laugh so much, I had to take some photos.


LMAO. Sounds like Alabama to me. I lived there for 11 months before moving to Chattanooga 6 months ago and there are some crazy drivers in Bama!!! LOL

posted by Diana on 3/24/2007 @4:42:54 PM

Yeah... I've never seen anything like that before!

posted by Jason Wells on 3/28/2007 @4:47:26 PM
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