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"Finishing What I"
posted May 3, 2008 @1:24a
About an hour ago, I decided to choose three excerpts from thoughts in my head. I had only two requirements - the thoughts chosen would have to feel unique in some way, and they couldn't be forced. When the thought would come, I figured, I could make a mental note of the time and place. I had no idea how long it would take to have three possibly-interesting thoughts; I did assume, like everything else I plan, that I would soon forget that I had planned anything at all, and the silly project would be short-lived.

But I was wrong.

10:32pm @Wal-Mart:
I saw a can of Alpo in the dog food isle with an interesting label. It read "Filet Mignon Flavor." By using the word "flavor," there is no requirement that such an expensive cut of meat actually has to be in the can. So that means that there is a person, or team of people, in the Alpo organization that tastes the food and attempts to label it with a flavor. Somebody somewhere is probably getting paid to eat dog food.

11:10pm @a park:
In spring, when all the trees start budding and making seeds, most everybody has enjoyed throwing what is commonly referred to as "helicopters" up in the air, produced by maples. But what was the common name before actual, flying helicopters were invented? Or are helicopters named after the pods on the maples? I wish I knew.

12:41am @my sink:
As I load my toothbrush down with paste, I noticed that tube was nearly empty. I bought the toothpaste about eight months ago, so it's lasted a really long time. But, since it takes months to use up a container of toothpaste, a person's life could easily be measured in toothpaste tubes. I'm like 48 tubes of toothpaste old... I'm going to start using more toothpaste.

As I've grown older, it's become more and more apparent that I stop short. Whether it's a personal goal, a creative project, or just something that needs to be done, I drop out before it's finished. Once I realize that I can accomplish whatever it is I'm working on, that's enough for me.

I don't like that.

So, this month, I step out of my comfort zone. Sure - I've played in the streets a countless number of times for quite a few people. I've always been a sneaky, surprise-performer, blasting out a song when people least expect it. But actually making a commitment to perform, and to tell people beforehand that I'll be playing - that's a bit out-of-character for me.

We'll see how it goes.


As always a very interesting blog , sounds like you have an inquistive mind Well I usually sleep/work at nights but might just have to go by Hannahs to see you perform:-) I am good to finish things early too.... always good to step out your comfort zone:) Sure you will do awesome

posted by Kimberly on 5/3/2008 @3:16:53 AM

Either inquisitive, or ridiculous... Thank you! I'll do whatever it is I do...

posted by Jason Wells on 5/4/2008 @3:36:35 AM
Have four kids and you'll go through toothpaste like seedless grapes. I have one little piece of DNA biting my toe right now. I hope to get to see you play...It's hard out here for a blimp...

posted by Lee on 5/3/2008 @10:59:44 PM
  (#390), in response to #387.

I think having my own DNA bite my toe would freak me out a bit... A blimp?

posted by Jason Wells on 5/5/2008 @6:12:50 PM
I meant to leave that comment for you but I think it is sitting in Kimberly's inbox, a little to intimate for me. At any rate, I was telling her that once you have four kids, you go through tubes of toothpaste like seedless grapes. Did I ever read my poem, "...Like a Cupcake with Sprinkles" to you. It might change your life. I repeat, not to you, but to Kimberly, I hope to see you at Hannah's.

posted by Lee on 5/3/2008 @11:02:42 PM

You haven't read that, no. I'd like to hear anything that's gonna change my life - unless you plan to make it worse or something. Then I'm not interested.

Thanks man. That's a pretty long drive, so... it's the thought that counts.

posted by Jason Wells on 5/5/2008 @6:14:23 PM
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