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"Ozzy? Is That You?"
posted May 22, 2008 @9:50a
You've had this happen to you before: someone you know and trust extends his hand toward you, holding something that seemingly came from nowhere. It's obvious the person wants you to take the object, so without thinking, you do.

But then, after it's too late and you realize what's happened, he's handed you something worthless.

Like an empty Snickers wrapper.

Well last night, someone I know and trust walked up to me and extended his hand toward me, holding something that seemingly came from nowhere. Without thinking, I took it.

It was a bottle of something that was blue... or purple... or black; it was difficult to determine. It looked kind of like paint, but thinner.

"Quick, open the bottle and put some on his head."

I looked down to see what he was holding with his other hand, seemingly coming from nowhere.

There, partially in his hand, and partially tucked underneath my drummer's arm, was a chicken with a bloody head. His neck feathers were covered with the red stuff, and it was dripping from that thing on the top of his head that looks like a miniature red glove down into his eyes.

Yesterday was marked: the first time I've had to deal directly with a bloody-headed chicken.


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